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Selling your property

Are you looking for a professional Real Estate Agent who can help with selling your property in Vilnius? Let`s work together. Contact by the phone below.

There are many good Real Estate agents. It is important to choose the most suitable for yourself. If we meet, you will see that Real Estate sales or purchases can go smoothly, safely and quickly.

If you decide to contact me, we will discuss in detail the sales process, advertising methods, other issues that are important to you and agree on the terms of sale.

selling property in vilnius

Terms of partnership

If you have not yet worked with a Real Estate Agent in Vilnius, you will want to know how this ...
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full property selling service

What is included in a full selling service

To make it easier to understand what a broker does, I have listed in detail below all the services I ...
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agent commision for property sale

Agent commission (price of service)

Agent Commission is payable to the Agent for the sale of the object. Commission is a success fee you pay ...
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real estate agent in vilnius

Why should you choose me as your agent

I have been working in the Real Estate field for more than 6 years, so I have had to deal ...
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