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Why should you choose me as your agent

I have been working in the Real Estate field for more than 6 years, so I have had to deal with a wide range of problems and issues in this field, helping Clients even in particularly difficult situations.

  • Experience. I have been working as a Broker since 2013, so I know the market and the subtleties of sales well – I know how to sell faster and how to get a better price.
  • I work in a team. I work not alone and your property being sold also by my colleagues with me. They replace me during my annual leave or illness. I also work with other real estate professionals – assessors, lawyers, surveyors, etc.
  • It`s my daily activity. I work every day, so I know how to sell faster, smoother, and how to get a better price.
  • Any payments required until the property is sold. Having trusted me to sell, you almost do not risk anything. Usually I do not charge a prepayment until the buyer is found. I cover the costs of advertising and transport expenses for inspections. You will only pay me when the property is sold and the money for it will be received.
  • You avoid the calls of brokers. You will no longer need to respond to calls of other brokers offering their services. You will receive a lot of such calls if you start selling the property independently.
  • Flexible contract terms. My proposed terms are generally better than those of the big brokerage agencies, and the brokerage agreement, you will conclude with me, should be easily terminated or extended.
  • I help to organize the documents. I will help to handle all the documents even if you live abroad and I can represent you by authorization.
  • I speak English and we can easily comunicate.

Here you can find more information about me.

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