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Anyone who has ever considered buying a property knows that it can be a complex and time-consuming task. Even after you have made your decision, it is worth consulting a real estate broker.

Advice on buying an apartment

Buying property - a responsible step where every mistake can be costly. Reduce this risk by coming to my consultation on buying an apartment or house in Vilnius and get answers to all your questions.

This consultation is relevant when:

  • You are a first-time buyer and have little knowledge of the property buying process;
  • I need help in determining the market price of the apartment I am buying;
  • You don't know what documents you need to ask for from the seller of your home;
  • Not sure which contract you have to sign when you pay the deposit for the apartment;
  • You don't know much about mortgage terms and conditions (if you plan to buy with a loan).

During your consultation you will learn:

  • The detailed process of buying an apartment (what happens and how long it takes);
  • Vilniaus miesto NT rinkos tendencijas (ar geras laikas pirkti, kokie butai, rajonai populiariausi ir pan.);
  • What kind of contract needs to be signed when making an advance payment, and how much of an advance must be paid;
  • How to find out the terms and conditions of a mortgage with a bank;
  • What additional costs you will incur to buy a home.

Consultation price:

50 €

The consultation can be by phone, video chat or live meeting. You can book a consultation by phone or by sending me a message.

Real estate broker help with buying property

Housing purchase analysis in Vilnius

Detailed analysis of buying an apartment

You've already done the hard part - choosing the apartment you want to buy. But you're not sure if the documents are in order and if it's worth the money the seller is asking. A real estate broker's in-depth analysis of the purchase and valuation of the apartment with the help of a broker will help you to buy a home in Vilnius smoothly and without any hassles.

  • Detailed analysis of the apartment based on data from the registry centre (ar yra areštai, įkeitimai bankui, koks buto baigtumas, kiti svarbūs niuansai);
  • Determining the real market price of the apartment;
  • Preliminary Purchase and Sale (also known as an advance payment or advance payment) contract you will sign with the seller;
  • Negotiation assistance (as required);
  • Arranging the purchase transaction with a notary.

Cost of the service:

300 €

Payment for the service after the full service has been provided. You can book this service by calling me or filling in the contact form.

Housing search in Vilnius

Your dream apartment is just around the corner

To find the right apartment in Vilnius, you need to follow the apartment market every day - look at the ads online, go and see them, analyse prices, assess the quality of the apartment, etc. Once you find an apartment you like, negotiate with the seller for a better price. When you book an apartment search in Vilnius with the help of a broker, you won't have to worry about all that.

When you subscribe to our apartment search service, you get:

  • Periodic offers of apartments that meet your criteria (by email or other form of your choice);
  • My participation as a broker in all apartment viewings together with you;
  • Analysis and market pricing of the apartments you are interested in;
  • Help choosing the best apartment;
  • Representing you in negotiations for a better price and sorting out the paperwork until the end.

Cost of the service:

2000 €

The exact cost of the service will depend on the complexity of the search. A mediation contract is signed when this service is ordered. An advance payment of €300 is due upon signing the contract. The remaining payment is due after the service has been fully executed.

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