Frequently asked questions

I strive to provide my clients with impeccable real estate services, which is why I answer your most frequently asked questions.

I am a certified real estate broker. I have been working as a broker since 2013. I started my career in RE/MAX real estate company. During my years of work I have successfully sold various real estate objects - apartments, houses, land plots and commercial buildings.

The property market in Vilnius is very active at the moment - there are many sales, many buyers, so market prices are slowly rising. The apartment market is the most active. It has the highest number of sales. The popularity of fully furnished/renovated apartments is growing strongly. Houses with modern architecture and furnishings are also actively sold. There is a clear trend where buyers are already looking to buy a built and even furnished home. The market for house plots has slowed down as fewer people want to build their own homes. There is less interest in garden plots and agricultural plots.

I determine the sales strategy for each property individually, depending on its specific characteristics. However, one of the most effective promotional tools at the moment is online advertisements, as the internet provides a large number of photos and detailed information about the property for sale, and it is easy to make contact with a potential buyer and continue the communication.

I place advertisements for property for sale on the following websites:,,,,, I also advertise property on my personal social network profiles - Facebook and Google Business. I place ads in specialised Facebook groups according to the situation. I organise open houses.

If the situation is right, I use signs/boards and flyers to advertise the property. I organise Open Houses.

The speed of the sale is influenced by getting the price right - when the advert is placed at the right price, with good quality photos and an attractive description, a buyer usually appears very quickly within 1-3 weeks. However, there are some things I cannot control - for example, if you want to get a higher price than the market price, if the apartment is located in an unattractive location, or if the apartment has some defects that affect the sale.

Dažniausiai vienu metu atstovauju 10-25 klientus – tai yra optimalus skaičius, kiekvienas brokeris gali valdyti informacijos bei spėti važiuoti į susitikimus, vykdyti apžiūras.

Before I offer a sale price, I first make a detailed analysis of what similar apartments have sold for in the past (using information from the registry centre), and then I look at the current listings on the market (assessing current competitors). I also use my own experience and that of my colleagues. Pricing is a very important and responsible part of my job, and my success depends on it.

I always let them know when the viewing will take place, and if buyers are interested in the property, I inform them about their offers to buy. If no one is interested, e.g. there are no calls at all, I also inform them periodically and make suggestions on what to do next to generate interest.

Taip, dirbu tik pasirašius sutartį. Sutarties terminas – tarpusavio susitarimo reikalas, tačiau paprastai sutartis būna pasirašoma 3-12 mėn. pardavimams ir 3 mėn – nuomininkų paieškai.

I give the client as much time as they need. I like it when the client makes the decision calmly. If the client decides to sign a contract with me, the work is much more effective because of the full trust. Mutual trust is very important in this business.

As I have a large number of clients living abroad, it is common for me to communicate via WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger and Skype.

I usually drive myself to all sales inspections, except when I'm on holiday. For me, attending viewings is very important because it makes it easier to understand the buyers and to sell more easily and quickly.

My commission is usually 3% of the sale price, unless the property is less than €40 000. For lower value properties, either a higher percentage or an agreed fixed amount may apply.

I don't normally charge any additional fees, unless the contract is terminated before it expires (e.g. you have decided not to transmit anymore), in which case there is a €300 administration fee.

If the sale does not take place within the contract period, no fees apply. All risks, costs and expenses of sale are mine. If the property is not sold and you wish to continue working with me, I will normally extend the contract unless I see that I cannot sell the property under these conditions (this is usually the case when the client wants to obtain a higher than market price)

Every broker has an interest in selling as quickly and as dearly as possible, because we don't get a commission until the property is sold. Since the commission is a percentage, it is in our interest to sell as high as possible. In 80% of the apartments I find a buyer in the first month of sale. The rest take a little longer to sell, but 95% of the apartments sell in less than 4-5 months.

Choose someone you can trust, who you like not only as a professional but also as a person, i.e. someone with whom you enjoy interacting. That's why I always suggest that you talk to me at least on the phone or online before signing a contract. After all, it's more fun when we know each other. My advantages are probably best appreciated by my clients. I am mostly appreciated for my sincerity, simplicity, promptness and professional communication.


A personal consultation with me is an opportunity to get relevant solutions tailored to your needs and help you achieve your goals.