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Your key to a smooth sale is the knowledge and experience of a real estate broker. Wherever you are, in Lithuania or abroad, my services in property sales will ensure fast results.

Terms of cooperation

You tell me what property you want to sell and I present the preliminary terms of my work. If the terms suit you, I go and inspect the property you want to sell.

How a property sale with a broker works

If you've never worked with a real estate broker before, you'll want to to know what it's like. Here I have described the normal course of cooperation. By the 2nd point, our communication will be non-binding, i.e. nothing to pay until the contract is signed you will not have to pay me anything, you will decide for yourself whether you want to continue working with me. If we disagree on the terms of cooperation, we will simply part amicably.

Determining the market price of an asset

When I arrive to view the property, I familiarise myself with the property for sale documents and set the preliminary sale price and the timeframe for the sale. I explain, how the property sale will work. If we agree on all the terms of the sale, I proceed with the sale.

List of documents

I will give you a list of documents that will be needed for the sale. I will help you obtain the missing documents from the relevant authorities.

Cooperation (mediation) agreement

We sign a cooperation agreement between us. It can also be signed online.

Finding a buyer

The longest process, taking on average 3-6 months depending on the property being sold. You will not need to be present at this stage. I will do everything for you and keep you informed about the progress of the sale.

Negotiation, advance payment and closing

You are in this phase with me. I represent you until the very last steps - the signing of the sales contract at the notary's office and the transfer of the property to the buyers.

Cost of the service:


The price is based on the sale value. In certain cases, the price may be different (negotiable)

How cooperation works

What is included in the price?

An attractive property for sale requires preparation. This includes arranging and decorating the property (also known as staging). Once the property is ready for sale, I call in a professional photographer or photograph it myself. When selling a house or plot of land, I take photos with a drone. If possible, I make a video of the property for sale.

I prepare the ad for the property for sale and advertise it through various advertising channels - I upload the ads to the most popular real estate sales portals such as,, etc. One of the most important aspects of my work is the list of potential buyers I already have and inform about your property for sale. Depending on the type of property, outdoor billboards and flyers can also serve as advertising. I also use social networks such as Facebook, Youtube and Linkedin for advertising.

I respond promptly, quickly and professionally to all buyers through the channels they prefer. My knowledge of English, Russian and Italian helps you find buyers from abroad too!

Most real estate brokers, including myself, work with other real estate brokers through the brokers' closed MLS system, sharing information about new properties for sale, price changes, etc. via email. Other brokers are invited to guide clients to properties for sale in my own area. For a successful transaction, I share my commission with the other broker.

Inspections are probably the most important job of a real estate broker. The quality of the inspection strongly influences the buyer's decision whether or not to buy the property. My viewing strategy is to point out the main advantages and disadvantages of the property and allow potential buyers to view the property calmly, to get a first impression, and then to list the most important aspects. Some buyers want to view the property several times, and invite their family members to help them decide. So I arrange a convenient time each time.

My aim is to find the best solution for both sides. Sometimes I have to offer additional conditions to make the deal a success. If my client wants to sell quickly because, for example, they are already looking to buy another property, the success of the sale may be determined by the better price offered or by additional details such as the allocation of notarial fees, the furniture to be left behind, the time limit for moving out etc. The best negotiations are those where both sides feel they have successfully concluded the negotiations.

Dokumentų paruošimas priklauso ir nuo paties objekto bei pardavėjo situacijos. Pavyzdžiui, jei pardavėjas turi nepilnamečių vaikų, tikėtina, jog jam reikės papildomų dokumentų, patvirtinančių, jog pardavus turtą jo vaikų interesai nenukentės. Skirtingas reikalingų dokumentų sąrašas bus parduodant butą, ar parduodant namą su žemės sklypu. Pardavimo eigoje padedu kiekvienam klientui parengti visus sandoriui reikalingus dokumentus.

The contract is an obligation for the buyer to buy and for the seller to sell the property according to agreed terms. The transaction needs to be prepared - the seller needs to collect the necessary documents for the sale. And the buyer, who is buying with a bank loan, must obtain a bank loan agreement or guarantee. The preliminary agreement is therefore a guarantee that neither party to the transaction will change its mind and that, if it does, it will pay the agreed penalty fee. The preliminary agreement may be signed in person or by electronic signature. This contract shall also specify the advance payment.

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